About Kim



First, just let me say I love my job! I realize that making the decision to see a counselor is not an easy one and I honor the courage it takes to do it. I feel like I work with with the most amazing individuals who are bravely facing difficulties or what may not be working quite right in their lives. I have a special place in my heart for victims of abuse or for those who's lives have been negatively impacted by the effects of addiction. I often say this would not be a job worth doing if I did not witness miracles!

To give a little background, I have worked for several years in the mental health field with adults, families, couples, and groups. I worked as an intern clinician at Calvary Center in Phoenix Arizona where individuals seek inpatient treatment for substance abuse and gambling. I have special training in treatment of sexual trauma, sexual addiction, and betrayal/relational trauma. I use several treatment modalities such as cognitive behavioral, emotive, psychodramatic bodywork, and strength-based therapy. In addiction I currently work as a clinician, supervisor, and intern/associate trainer at Family Strategies Counseling Center. I am also trained as a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT) by the  International Institute for Trauma and Addiction (IITAP).

Even better than my job are my best friend and husband of 28 years and four grown kids. I couldn't ask for a better support system!